Red Hat Data Center Specialist (RHCDS)

Diploma In Data Warehouse Development Red Hat Data Center Specialist (RHCDS) is Certification offers the flexbility to demostrate additional skills in the either directory services and authentication or in managing virtualized systems and possesses particularly datacenter.

Diploma In Data Warehouse Development

In this Diploma course you will learn every thing you need to know about data warehouses & data marts and how to build them. It will walk you through a step by step process of ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) and you will get your hands dirty in developing programs to build a data mart.

Red Hat Certified Architect(RHCA)

Red Hat certified Architect (RHCA) is the most senior system administration crdential and is designed for technical leaders working in demanding  additional skills in either  directory services and    authentication or in virtualized systems.


Diploma in Database Administration

If your aim is to become a Database Admistrator, a most valued position in any IT organization, this is a right diploma course for you. It will teach you internals of Oracle database, architecture, security and also provide you hands-on experience in managing the same.



Virtualization  is   becoming a norm in the data    centers. It saves  hardware cost and    management also becomes easier. Our Virtualization course helps you understand            and   implement a virtialization solutions   with ease  and strong     internal knowledge.


Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

Oracle, the number one database company in the IT industry offers a certification path for enhancing your knowledge and move ahead in your career. This certifiation will make you highly marketable in the current job market.


Red Hat Certified Engineer(RHCE)

Open Source leader Red Hat is providing a leading international certification of RHCE through a hands-on exam conducted at our center every month. Be a part of a rare elite group of Red Hat Certified Engineers and give a right direction to your career.

Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC)

For those who are sound Oracle DBAs, this high-end course will give you a hands-on experience of implemting Oracle Real Application Cluster. The focus is 60% practicals and 40% in-class theory. You must know UNIX very well to join this course.

 Diploma in System Administration

Infrastructure management a booming industry in India. It manages servers and networks of large international and national corporations. DSA is a diploma course which will prepare you to become a strong Linux System Administrator and take over the heady responsibility in your organization.