Hands On Unix Shell Scripting Course. Learn basic Unix commands and shell scripting to stand out in today’s competitive world. It enables participants to automate day to day manual work. Inspizone offers you introduction of  Unix basic commands and shell scripting/programming. After this course participants should be able to develop shell programs using various commands. Our instructor will provide the exercise to participants which will help them to get confidence in Unix.

Shell Scripting Course is specifically designed to develop skills required for automation on Unix / Linux Environment. This course focuses on the basic and intermediate level of Scripting. It provides training with hands on session to administer the UNIX shell.

Introduction to UNIX Operating System

  • What is Unix?
  • File and Processes
  • Directory Structure
  • Starting Unix terminal

File management and Directories

  • Types of files
  • Listing Files and Directory
  • Making Directories
  • Changing to different directory
  • The Directories . and ..
  • Pathnames and more about home directories/pathnames
  • Creating, Copying & Moving files
  • Removing Files and Directories
  • Display file and search contents

File Permissions / Access

  • File Access Modes
  • Directory Access Modes
  • Changing Permissions
  • Changing Owners and Groups

Unix Environment

  • Profile files
  • Environment Variables

Pipes and Filters = Processes

  • Starting a process
  • Listing processes
  • Stopping a process

The vi Editor

  • Starting the editor
  • Operation modes
  • Edit Files
  • Various Control Commands

Scheduling Jobs

  • View scheduled jobs
  • Add/Edit jobs

Unix Basic Utilities

  • Printing
  • Email

Unix Links

Archiving, Backup and Restore

Command Input and Output

Unix Shell Programming

  • What is Shell
  • Using Variables/Special Variables – Defining, Accessing, Unsetting
  • Using Shell Arrays
  • Basic Operators
  • Loops
  • Input/Output Redirection